A musical Engagement Session with a cool freakin guitar | Outdoor Orlando Engagement Session

You've seen (and heard) me say it a million times, but I just gotta say it again - Your Engagement Session should be about how you guys spend time together and the way that you show love to each other. Those couple of hours that you spend with me during your session should have a bunch of those cute little things that only the two of you do - to each other. Like, the way that you have to stand on your tippy-toes when you kiss him (cause he's so freakin' tall), or... the way that his face hair tickles your lips & makes you giggle when you kiss (but you wouldn't have it any other way), or even the way that he hugs you with his long freakin' arms and his whole body so that you can't move anything but your legs. That's the two of you - that's what I want to capture in your Engagement Pictures for you guys. You don't get to see that - you can't see how his eyes become calm when your head is tucked under his chin. Oooooooo....I so want you to see that, to actually see what it looks like when the two of you both just so into each others hugs, that nothing else even matters.

So, as with all of my couples, I asked a whole crap-ton of questions and found out all kinds of stuff about Cari & Jeremy. After we talked and I read all of their answers on their questionnaire - one thing I knew we had to do was have a musical Engagement Session that included a guitar for Cari & Jeremy's Engagement Session. He even played during the session!! Oh my gosh, I can see why Cari just melts when he plays for her. Amazing.

They crawled up under this bridge in the murkiness so that I could get these - oh.my.gosh.yes! Get all up in there please. ;)

Yeah, melting going down, right here, right now.

Ring shots are some of my favorite things in the whole wide world, and if I had to shoot no more after this, I'd be okay with that. Can I please say that I ROCKed this one out!! 2 points for me. ;)

Getting all mushy with each other during Engagement Sessions is one rule that I won't ever change. No eating before swimming and no being boring at your engagement session - Show your stuff! (well, not that stuff, but you know what I mean)

Jaime :)