Historic Downtown Savannah GA Intimate Wedding | Laurel + Nick

As per tradition, every bride needs a little something blue, and this bride made sure to include it into her theme with some super fun pops of navy throughout. The intimate ceremony and warm reception took place at a gorgeous home built in 1822 in the historic downtown of Savannah, Georgia. The home displayed beautiful, antique molding throughout, and the walls were painted in bright, crisp colors that contrasted the dark hardwood floors and staircase, creating some breathtaking shots. An artistic photographer's dream come true!!

A Particularly Personal Experience

The groom, Nick, serves in the Army and is stationed in GA, while his new bride Laurel is one of my dear friend’s daughter, making this photography experience particularly special. Nick and Laurel are high school sweethearts. They were quick friends but she made him work for her affections, and he stuck it out—the two are very obviously in love and have been through a bunch of life's stuff - and are still so absolutely adorable together! ;)

Laurel looked absolutely stunning in her ivory, lace dress with sheer neckline and sleeves. Her dress matched the vintage theme of the wedding, but the knee-length cut and elegant navy heels gave it a modern touch. Only immediate family members attended this wedding, and the couple said their vows under a vintage crystal chandelier, making the ceremony even more romantic. Swoon!!

After they exchanged vows, the bride and groom visited with their family, celebrated toasts, and sipped champagne while relaxing in the living area. Then, they went outside to take their first pictures as husband and wife. We explored Savannah; a wonderful adventure I won't soon forget!

Classically Timeless

Everything about this wedding was classic. Many of their photos belong on a postcard. The couple strolled along the sidewalk and kissed under the trees then danced beside the waterway. One of my favorite shots included Laurel and Nick kissing in front of a navy door surrounded by ivy. The green leaves, navy uniform, and ivory dress complement each other so well. I just loved the timeless image of the couple embracing on the front steps of the house.

At the end of the day, the couple went back to relax and chat with their family, and of course the best way to do that was by cutting the cake! Here’s to many wonderful years and grand adventures for Nick and Laurel! Cheers to the happy couple :)