Lake Parker Park Engagement Photos | Lakeland Engagement Session | Jen and Ryan

Since both Jen and Ryan are into the great outdoors, we decided to take their engagement photos at Lake Parker Park in Lakeland Fl. It is filled with secret little paths, huge trees and even wildlife! We totally saw a raccoon taking a little nap in this huge pine tree during their engagement shoot and let me tell you, it was so hard to keep myself from dropping my camera and scooching up that tree to cuddle it!

Lake Parker Park is such a haven for gorgeous backdrops to include in any kind of photos session that you might have, we chose it purely for it’s trees, open fields and interesting bridges but there are playgrounds, baseball fields and a gorgeous lake as well. Just be careful while around the water because there are alligators everywhere. OMG. The park even has a few signs posted to avoid leaving the path since there are alligators around. Um, yeah, not a problem.

So, I found out while we strolled around the park, that Ryan loves to fish and Jen likes to go with him every chance she gets. Then, Jen found this lure and I just had to use it for her ring! By the way, I actually kinda like fishing, I just hate putting any kind of bait on the hook and I always want to let the little fishes go back to their families after they are caught, so I would probably starve if I was ever made to fish in order to eat.