Tour of a gorgeous Italian family Vineyard | Schiena Vini Vineyards of Italy | Scuola Mondo Italia Homestay Tour Guide Maria

The Italian Countryside is absolutely breathtaking and if you get a chance to have a tour of a gorgeous Italian family Vineyard like Schiena Vini Vineyards, you just have to drop whatever you're doing and go join in the fun! Maria of Scuola Mondo Italia Homestay was our tour guide for our day at the Vineyard and she is amazing! She cracks the funniest of jokes and made the tour so enjoyable.
Giuseppe Schiena is the 6th generation owner of the vineyard (handed down to him from his Father for 6 generations) and he is one tough cookie with the biggest of hearts! He just welcomed all of us into his amazing Vineyard and showed us all around his beautiful vines. Even without speaking a word of English, we all could see that he takes amazing pride in his family vineyard so that he can pass the legacy down to his son one day.