Disney Engagement Photos | Magic Kingdom and Epcot | Rachel + Dan

Disney Engagement Photos | Magic Kingdom and Epcot | Rachel + Dan

Capturing these magical memories and moments for Dan and Rachel as their Disney Engagement Photographer was a dream come true!

Disney Honeymoon photographer | Magic Kingdom Honeymoon Session | Jasmine and Joseph | Destination Orlando Wedding Photographer

Believe me when I say that being a Disney Honeymoon Photographer for my couples, has it's perks like when Jasmine and Joseph came all of the way from Singapore for their Disney Honeymoon Photos. During their amazing Honeymoon trip to the Magic Kingdom we were running all around the park having a blast.  Spending time with Jasmine and Joseph and being their Disney Honeymoon photographer was seriously so much fun!

Even though there is a 12 hour difference between myself and them, we were able to hash out all of the details of their Disney Honeymoon Session and there were no worries for them once they landed in Orlando. They had never been on the Dumbo ride before, and it was so fun to see Joseph really having fun!

Are you planning your Disney trip and want to capture all of the fun and adventure - let’s book a fun Disney Engagement photo session or a Disney Honeymoon photo session!

Downtown Celebration Engagement Photos | Vannessa and Britt | Orlando Destination Wedding Photographer

When Vannessa and Britt decided to come from Texas to have their Downtown Celebration Engagement photos taken, I was absolutely on board, and told Britt to bring his guitar along as well. Vannessa adores listening to Britt play for her, and I knew that I wanted to incorporate their love of music into their Engagement Session. We all decided on Downtown Celebration for their Engagement photos because it has a great mix of laid-back, park atmosphere as well as a prettied up, quaint little downtown areas. We played around the old theater and then took a brisk walk through the secluded boardwalk (shhhh.....it's a secret squirrel little place). Britt strummed his guitar while Vannessa cuddled up next to him and I made sure to capture their awesome togetherness.

Lake Parker Park Engagement Photos | Lakeland Engagement Session | Jen and Ryan

Since both Jen and Ryan are into the great outdoors, we decided to take their engagement photos at Lake Parker Park in Lakeland Fl. It is filled with secret little paths, huge trees and even wildlife! We totally saw a raccoon taking a little nap in this huge pine tree during their engagement shoot and let me tell you, it was so hard to keep myself from dropping my camera and scooching up that tree to cuddle it!

Lake Parker Park is such a haven for gorgeous backdrops to include in any kind of photos session that you might have, we chose it purely for it’s trees, open fields and interesting bridges but there are playgrounds, baseball fields and a gorgeous lake as well. Just be careful while around the water because there are alligators everywhere. OMG. The park even has a few signs posted to avoid leaving the path since there are alligators around. Um, yeah, not a problem.

So, I found out while we strolled around the park, that Ryan loves to fish and Jen likes to go with him every chance she gets. Then, Jen found this lure and I just had to use it for her ring! By the way, I actually kinda like fishing, I just hate putting any kind of bait on the hook and I always want to let the little fishes go back to their families after they are caught, so I would probably starve if I was ever made to fish in order to eat.

A musical Engagement Session with a cool freakin guitar | Outdoor Orlando Engagement Session

You've seen (and heard) me say it a million times, but I just gotta say it again - Your Engagement Session should be about how you guys spend time together and the way that you show love to each other. Those couple of hours that you spend with me during your session should have a bunch of those cute little things that only the two of you do - to each other. Like, the way that you have to stand on your tippy-toes when you kiss him (cause he's so freakin' tall), or... the way that his face hair tickles your lips & makes you giggle when you kiss (but you wouldn't have it any other way), or even the way that he hugs you with his long freakin' arms and his whole body so that you can't move anything but your legs. That's the two of you - that's what I want to capture in your Engagement Pictures for you guys. You don't get to see that - you can't see how his eyes become calm when your head is tucked under his chin. Oooooooo....I so want you to see that, to actually see what it looks like when the two of you both just so into each others hugs, that nothing else even matters.

So, as with all of my couples, I asked a whole crap-ton of questions and found out all kinds of stuff about Cari & Jeremy. After we talked and I read all of their answers on their questionnaire - one thing I knew we had to do was have a musical Engagement Session that included a guitar for Cari & Jeremy's Engagement Session. He even played during the session!! Oh my gosh, I can see why Cari just melts when he plays for her. Amazing.

They crawled up under this bridge in the murkiness so that I could get these - oh.my.gosh.yes! Get all up in there please. ;)

Yeah, melting going down, right here, right now.

Ring shots are some of my favorite things in the whole wide world, and if I had to shoot no more after this, I'd be okay with that. Can I please say that I ROCKed this one out!! 2 points for me. ;)

Getting all mushy with each other during Engagement Sessions is one rule that I won't ever change. No eating before swimming and no being boring at your engagement session - Show your stuff! (well, not that stuff, but you know what I mean)

Jaime :)

Kraft Azalea Engagement Photos | Jenna & Danny | Romantic Photos | Orlando Engagement Session

Kraft Azalea engagement photos are always a popular request among couples that love a gorgeous outdoor setting for their romantic photos. Since Kraft Azalea Gardens is in Winter Park, you won't find yourself sacrificing time to drive to a different park outside of Orlando. Jenna & Danny loved the look of Kraft Azalea park, so of course I was all for it. You know me, I can whip up some awesomesauce Engagement Photos inside of a brown paper bag. ;)

It's always so much fun to discover different places to have your engagement session, so don't get too caught up in the most popular places - think outside the box too & make it personal! - Where will you have your Engagement photos taken that is special to you?

Jenna & Danny - A Lovely Video Slideshow of their Engagement Session at Kraft Azalea Garden Park in Winter Park, Fl

Jenna & Danny - A Lovely Video Slideshow of their Engagement Session at Kraft Azalea Garden Park in Winter Park, Fl

Hi love-ies, here is a lovely video slideshow of their engagement session at Kraft Azalea Garden Park in Winter Park, Fl because they are one of the most caring couples EVER!Seriously, even though Danny thought that he was going to be quite shy in front of the camera, he knocked it outta the park! haha! No pun intended. Jenna and Danny knew that they wanted a pretty little place to have their alone time together (while I worked my magic) and when they chose Kraft Azalea Garden Park for their engagement session, I was all for it.